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Item Title:Approval to amend Bailey-Simmons Trail Construction & Maintenance Agreement (CM2356)
Department:Engineering Services

In April 2018 the Nassau County Board of County Commissioners authorized the Chairman to sign a maintenance agreement with Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and a resolution for the Construction & Maintenance agreement (CM 2356) of the Bailey-Simmons Trail from the Sports Complex to Fletcher Avenue.


FDOT has notified Engineering Services that an amended agreement is required because the proper bike path/trail language was not included, and the FDOT legal team now has the approved language.  The revised Construction & Maintenance Agreement is attached (CM2356-A1).  The County Attorney’s office has reviewed the revisions and directed staff to move forward with the amended agreement.
Approve and authorize the Chairman to sign an amendment to the Construction and Maintenance Agreement with the Florida Department of Transportation, Contract No. CM2356-A1, for maintenance of the Bailey-Simmons Bike Path from the Ybor Alvarez Sports Complex to Fletcher Avenue.
Financial/Economic Impact to Future Years Budgeting Process or Effect on Citizens:
Action Requested and Recommendation:

Staff recommends the Board approve the Chairman to sign the amended Construction & Maintenance agreement with FDOT for the Bailey-Simmons Road Trail from the sports complex to Fletcher Avenue (CM2356-A1).

Is this action consistent with the Nassau County Comprehensive Land Use Plan?
Funding Source:
No additional funding is needed with the amended construction and maintenance agreement.

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CM 2356-A1
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Amy Roberson

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1109 South Marion Ave.

Lake City, FL  32025-5874  MS-2014
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