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Item Title:Healthy Weight Communty Champion Award
Department:County Manager's Office

Each year, the Florida Department of Health solicits nominations for the Healthy Weight Community Champion Award. This award recognizes local governments for policies and programs that promote healthy lifestyles within the County. This year's application was completed by Barb Baptista of the Health Department, with input from several County departments including the County Extension, Planning Department, and Human Resources Department. (copy attached)


Nassau County is one of 33 communities selected by the Florida Department of Health that have implemented programs and policies to help decrease obesity in the County.

Dr. Eugenia Seidel, Director, Nassau County Department of Health re: Healthy Weight Community Champion Award for 2020.
Financial/Economic Impact to Future Years Budgeting Process or Effect on Citizens:
Reducing obesity rates within the County not only decreases the amount of health related conditions residents are treated for each year, it can also have a positive impact on the County government's health insurance rates as the County has programs in place to encourage healthy eating and exercising among its employees, thus reducing claims against our insurance for health conditions caused by obesity.
Action Requested and Recommendation:
Dr. Eugenia Seidel, Director, Nassau County Department of Health, re: Healthy Weight Community Champion Award for 2020. 
Is this action consistent with the Nassau County Comprehensive Land Use Plan?
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