9:00 AM, March 20, 2019
James S. Page Governmental Complex, 96135 Nassau Place
Yulee, FL 32097

AUDIENCE INPUT – NON-AGENDA ITEMS. This is for public comment for items not on the agenda. Comments can only be for items under the authority of the Board of County Commissioners. Time limit is three (3) minutes
AUDIENCE INPUT – AGENDA ITEMS. Except for Quasi Judicial items, any member of the public can address any item on the agenda now or wait until the matter is addressed. Time limit is three (3) minutes
A.9:00 a.m., or as soon thereafter as matter may be heard - Workshop Session to discuss regulations related to use of County Boat Ramps.
B.Approve a Resolution of the Board of County Commissioners of Nassau County, Florida, proclaiming the week of March 23 through March 29, 2019 as "United Way Week".
PRESENTATIONS – Time limit is fifteen (15) minutes

County Manager, Mike Mullin re: recognition of Board employees for years of service.

D.Ron Whitesides, Purvis Gray & Company re: Annual Financial Statements for year ending September 30, 2018.
E.Keith Ellis, Building Official re: monthly status update on Building Department and Code Enforcement activities.
F.Becky Diden, Nassau County Solid Waste re: request to consider a Resolution rescinding Resolution No. 2009-169 and Resolution No. 2010-141, and establishing load limits for classifications of waste materials accepted at the Nassau County Convenience Recycle Center.
CONSENT ITEMS – If any board member wishes to move a Consent Item to New Business, please do so now. Does any member of the public want to speak on a Consent Item?
G.Approve and authorize the Chairman to sign a letter to the City of Jacksonville, Mosquito Control Division, granting permission for aerial mosquito spraying within the Amelia Island Mosquito Control District area for the period of May 1, 2019 through April 30, 2020.
H.Authorize use of $3,612 from the Crime Prevention Trust Fund to be used to purchase signs to deter speeding in neighborhoods with children at play. Funding Source: 01031521-549036 CRMPV.

Sheriff's Business - Approve and authorize the Chairman to sign the Certificate of Acceptance of Grant Award and the Attestations and Certifications for Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Funds totaling $46,810.

OLD BUSINESS - Any member of the public may address any item under Old Business (3 minutes each). Is there anyone who wishes to address any item under Old Business?
J.Continue discussion regarding costs associated with replacement of culverts by District.
K.Continue discussion regarding the Stewardship District and House Bill 1075.
L.Continue discussion on the status of paving, design and right-of-way acquisition of Crawford Road.
M.Continue discussion of Bismark Road and consider request to double chip seal the surface.
NEW BUSINESS - Any member of the public may address any item under New Business (3 minutes each). Is there anyone who wishes to address any item under New Business?
N.Award Bid No. NC19-002 to Galls, LLC, for Fire Rescue Uniforms and authorize the Chairman to sign Contract No CM2664. Funding Source(s): 04223522-552050 and 01261526-552050.

Approve and authorize the Chairman to sign Work Authorization No. CM2420-WA04 to England, Thims & Miller, Inc., in the amount of $113,532.30 for Construction Engineering Inspector (CEI) Services for the Chester Road Resurfacing Project; and 2) authorize Chairman to sign a Budget Transfer. Funding Source: 63470541-563360 PDCII.


Authorize use of the North End Boat Ramp for approximately 75 kayak launches for the Right Whale Festival on Sunday, November 3, 2019; and authorize event participants to park in the back portion of the parking area.

Q.Consider reappointment of the following Construction Board of Adjustments and Appeals members: 1) Frank D. Tuten (fire related); 2) John M. Cotner (Architecture related); 3) Donna Van Puymbrouck (Construction related); 4) Raymond Albury (Construction related); and 5) Mike Hagel (Occupational).
COUNTY MANAGER’S BUSINESS – Any business to come before the Board.
COUNTY ATTORNEY’S BUSINESS – Any business to come before the Board.
COUNTY COMMISSION ITEMS – Any business to come before the Board.

Monthly status update on County Extension activities.

S.Monthly status update on Engineering activities.
T.Monthly status report on Facilities Maintenance and Parks & Recreation activities.
U.Monthly status update on Fire/Rescue activities.
V.Monthly status update on Library activities.
W.Monthly status update on Road & Bridge activities.
X.Informational only: Amelia Island Tourist Development Council's Augmented Reality Project.
Y.Informational only: monthly status update on all contract amendments, change orders, task orders, and work authorizations issued by the County Manager.
Persons with disabilities requiring accommodations in order to participate in this program or activity should contact (904) 548-4660 or the Florida Relay Service at (800) 955-8770(v) or (800) 955-8771 (TDD) at least seventy-two (72) hours in advance to request such accommodations.